RS232/Voice generator, model SP10, provides voiced measurement data for test instruments and medical instruments.

Copyright in 2007 by Micro Seven, Inc.

Micro Seven, Inc. β's model SP10 generates voice segments of numerical data, legends, and short speech at a built-in speaker by ASCII commands from PC or other controllers in test and measurement and medical instruments. Voice and speech segments, which are previously recorded through a built-in microphone, may be numeric data, words, or short speech.  SP10 provides voiced data output at a built-in speaker or audio connector for external amplifier/speaker. Examples are “Blood pressure is 120 over 70”, “Temperature is 36.5 degree C”, “ 1.000VRMS”, etc.




- Medical power supply is available as an option

- Record your customized voice data in your own voice

- Low cost and quantity discount available

- Audio connector output to external amplifier/speaker

- Upload/download voice text

- Optional telephone line interface to generate voice by remote control and to dial and deliver voice message

- Small, 4” x 1.75” x 7.5”



Application and benefit:


- Provide voice output for existing instruments quickly without much engineering

- Stand-alone voice generation without PC




RS232 interface:

56k baud, one stop bit, eight-bit character with no parity

RTS/CTS hardware handshake


Control software (Windows):

-Recording/playing voice segment

-Saving/loading voice data

-Saving/loading all control registers

-Programming dialing number (for optional telephone line interface)

-terminal mode


Voice generation: SP10 contains total sixty second voice data.


Numeric data (0.5 seconds long)

ASCII command: N(n1)(n2)(n3)------<enter> where n1, n2 and n3 are numeric numbers

“:” for point, “;” for over, and “<” for minus.

Example: N1234567890 to generate voice of “1234567890”, N4 to generate voice of “4”,

“N<123:78” to generate “minus 123.78”.


2-second voice data

ASCII command: KBF(n1)(n2)F<enter>, where (n1)(n2) forms one byte address in hexadecimal notation, for example KBF00F generates 2second voice data 0, KBF01F generates 2second voice data1, etc. There are maximum sixteen different 2-second voice data for SP10.


SP10 control register commands:

1.      Sound volume register for sound-volume adjustment for a built-in speaker and external audio output: MBD(n1)(n2) where (n1)(n2) forms one-byte data in hexadecimal notation. “00” is minimum and “FF” is maximum. MBDFF sets maximum audio sound. Because this command is flash-memory write command, SP10 returns “C” at RS232 interface.

2.      Internal speaker enable/disable: M9254<enter> for disable, M9250<enter> for enable internal speaker. External audio output is not affected.

3.      Voice recording commands: B(n) for recording numeric data. KBF(n1)(n2)E for recording 2-second voice data. It contains voice trigger feature to start recording.

4.      Download voice data command: V<enter> to download 500k byte of data into SP10

5.      Upload voice data command: U<enter> to upload 500k byte of data to PC

6.      Dialing number register: M(n1)(n2)0(n3)<enter> where n1, n2 forms one byte address for dialing number register and (n3) is one digit. For example, to program dialing 150---, M0001<enter>M0105<enter>M020A<enter>---. Note “0A” is for dialing “0”. (telephone line interface option)

7.      Telephone call command: G<enter> (dial a telephone number from flash memory) or D(n0)(n1)(n2)---<enter> to dial (n0)(n1)(n2)--. (telephone line interface option)

8.      Hang-up or on-hook command: A<enter>  (telephone line interface option)


Front-panel controls:


J1: 3.5 mm audio connector for external audio signal output (to external audio amplifier)

Built-in microphone

SW1: Switch 1 (the feature is custom option)

SW2: Switch 2 (the feature is custom option)

Power indicator

SW4: Power switch



1.      International AC/DC power adapter for 90-250VACRMS and 50/60Hz power input

2.      Medical power supply

3.      Telephone line interface to output voice via remote control

4.      Expand voice data to two minutes


Telephone interface (option):


Send “G” to dial a telephone number from either flash memory or new telephone number (D command above). Generate voice at telephone line by N and F commands. Internal speaker output may be disabled. After voice generation is done, send “A” to return to on-hook condition. There are automatic time-out when SP10 does not receive “A” command or does not receive disconnect signal from telephone company by called-party hang-up.


Rear panel controls:


12VDC input connector (from 117V AC/DC adapter)

Line Input Jacks: USOC-RJ11-C, standard modular phone jacks for telephone interface

D-sub9 (RS232)


Built-in speaker: 8 ohm


AC/DC Adapter: 117VAC +/- 5%, or 90-250VAC +/- 5%(for International power adapter option) or medical power supply option


Power input: 12VDC unregulated, 800mA maximum


Dimensions: 19 cm (4") W x 4.5 cm (1.75") H x 10 cm (7.5") L

Weight: 500g (1.1 lbs.)

Environmental: Operating temperature: 0 to 35 degree C, Humidity: 85% RH at 35 degree C

Warranty/Service: six months limited warranty. No warranty if any factory seal is broken. Service is performed at the factory, usually within 5 working days.


The front of SP10 is shown below.





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