DC09 message tester, with DC09 receiver and transmitter in Windows software gets head-start on your DC09 Contact-ID and SIA-FORMAT IP message projects in encryption quickly. It transmits and receives IP alarm messages for testing your alarm systems or developing your own IP alarm message transmitter or receiver.


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Digital Communication Standard-SIA DC-05-1999.09, Ademco Contact ID Protocol for Alarm System Communications


SIA DC09 2007

SIA DC09 2013 draft proposal

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The DC09 Client/Transmitter:


Programmed data: MAC address, alarm sequence number, receiver number, account number, account prefix, time stamp, mode of DC09(2007 or 2013 spec), Contact-ID message content, port number, IP address or IP name

gSEND MESSAGEh button

Communication status message including reply messages from servers and troubleshooting window

Available in contact-ID (ADM-CID), SIA DC04(SIA-FORMAT) (SIA-DCS) or other formats

Encryption  with programmable 128, 192, or 256 bits key

Total Built IP message


New features:

Selection of DC09-2013 or DC09-2007

No CRC code generation (for testing receiver)




The DC09 Server/receiver:


DC09 Receiver/demo server is shown below:

Contact-ID mode only

No encryption

Displayed received-data: MAC address, alarm sequence number, receiver number, account number, account prefix, CRC, total message length

Calculated CRC, programmed data, and verification data

Displayed ACK or NAK data

Received total message

Ability to transmit NAK always

Port number selection and ten port numbers

Indication of protocol between SIA2013 or SIA2007

Proprietary CRC-Micro Seven format

Playing wave music file upon receiving messages

Displaying previous messages