MICRO SEVEN model BT16, RS232 interface in PC to Wireless Interface, transmits Contact-ID alarm message to telephone dialer BT15 wirelessly

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The front panel view of model BT16 is shown in the above picture.








Figure 1. After receiving dialer commands BT16 makes connection to BT15 Telephone Dialer and sends Contact-ID messages via telephone line.



-BT Wireless operation and no need to learn BT theory
-BT connection is already made between BT16 and BT15 and no need to program BT API commands
-multiple BT16 operation sharing common dialers BT15
-compatible to AP15-2 commands
-RS232 interface

After receiving dialer commands from PC, BT16 makes connection to BT15 Telephone Dialer via Wireless and sends dialing information and Contact-ID messages for BT15 dialing the telephone number and transmitting received alarm messages.
BT16 receives status messages from BT15 whether it is successful or failed. Multiple message transmission is included.


Wireless standard: IEEE 802.15.1 transparent UART operation, BLE operation employing private address

RF socket is set up automatically with BT15.

RS232C interface: 1200 baud, no parity, and 8-bit character, RTS/CTS hardware handshake

Telephone number entry: D<telephone number-maximum fifteen digits><CR>
for example D5035551212<CR> for dialing 5035551212. Note <CR> is a carriage return.

Alarm message entry: S<fifteen digit long alarm message><CR>
i.e. S123418313101015<CR>

Start alarm reporting: G
Send this command to BT15 for opening socket between BT16 and BT15, sending command strings after opening telephone line and transmitting Contact-ID messages.

Hang-up command for telephone line and RF socket: A
Turn off off-hook relay in BT15 or abort alarm-reporting process. It also disconnect socket between BT16 and BT15

Continuous message transmission mode without turning off telephone relay:
Instead of transmitting single message, multiple messages are transmitted by sending WACB2.

Start consecutive alarm reporting in continuous message transmission mode after consecutive alarm-message entries : B

Cancel command entries: &

Single message transmission mode (default condition):

Status messages receiving from BT15




Front panel controls:

Power switch

Power indicator

Example of RS232 transmission and reception between BT16 and BT15:

D5035551212<CR> S123418313101015<CR>G

note: the above commands include telephone numbers, contact-ID message and start command.


Power indicator
Wireless connection status

Rear panel controls:

DC power input, DC12V, 200 mA

AC/DC Adapter 117VAC +/- 5%, or 220VAC +/- 5%(for 220V unit optional)

Dimensions: 19 cm (4") W x 4.5 cm (1.75") H x 10 cm (7.5") L

Weight: 750g (1.65 LBS)

Environmental: Operating temperature with power on: 0 to 35 degree C, Humidity: 85% RH at 35 degree C, storage temperature and operating temperature without power on

Warranty Service: six months limited warranty. No warranty if any factory seal is broken.

Service is performed at the factory, usually within 5 working days.

Matched wireless components: BT15 telephone dialer

Options and Accessories:

Accessories include AC/DC power adapter for 117VAC input power.

International AC/DC power adapter option

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