BRAND-NEW MODEL LS15-N provides complete analog CO functions as telephone-line simulator, CO simulator, or PBX simulator including Japanese Number Display, unique ring signal, polarity reverse, call progress tones, and RS232 port for programming of DID and future caller-ID expansions for Japanese markets


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Micro Seven, Inc. model LS15-N is specially designed for testing telecommunication equipment for Japanese markets. LS15-N is a two-line telephone line simulator that provides unique ring signal, special call progress tones, unusual polarity reverse functions, critical battery-feed voltage. It also contains Japanese Number Display functions for testing Number Display receivers. The RS232C interface is intended to program parameters such as telephone numbers and caller-ID parameters, and it is capable to generate any Japanese caller-ID format required in the future.

MICRO SEVEN Inc.â -Model LS15-N


i Small, 4" x 1.75" x 7.5"
i For use in Japan and USA
i Low cost, and portable
i DTMF or special rotary pulse dialing input
i Primary or secondary (programmable to 18 digit) telephone number
i 16Hz 75VRMS Sine-wave ring signal, 1 sec on/2 sec off
i Compatible with NTT Number Display receivers
i RS232C interface to program telephone numbers and caller-ID parameters
i RS232C interface to program free format for any caller-ID requirement or DID function
i Unique call progress tones in Japan
i AC power input for 100-120VAC, 50-60Hz
i Rechargeable battery-operated unit, LS15-NB is also available.
i 48volt battery-feed @25mA loop current
i International power supply adapter for four different power plugs and 90-250VAC operation is available as an option
i Polarity reverse for calling and called lines
i 6 month warranty

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