­­­­­­­­­Micro Seven Inc.® model RAP15-2, IP Alarm Dialer receives IP/DC09 digital alarm messages, custom IP message, or http messages over Internet, dials telephone numbers and transmit Contact-ID messages at telephone line interface
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Model RAP15-2 with Ethernet interface and telephone line interface are shown in the above picture. The RS232 connector is not provided for RAP15-2.


Accept three different Input messages:


Method 1. Contact-ID message that is built by using information in DC09 message:

Example"ADM-CID"0001Rt5031235678L100#1234[#1234|1140 00 007]_22:49:34,01-22-2012<CRC>

The above message dials 5031235678 and deliver a Contact-ID message: 1234114000007(checksum).The checksum is computed by RAP15-2.


Method 2. http protocol method:

The above command dials an alarm central station’s telephone number 5031235678 and delivers Contact-ID message, 1234181131010158.  Name may be used instead of  IP address of

The above command sets up IP port 9989 for programming information by PC.

The above command initializes RAP15-2 for the factory default condition.


3. Method 3 Custom TCP commands as in RAP15


Software component DLL is provided for sending TCPIP message to RAP15-2 for dialing a telephone number and delivering Contact-ID messages.

The basic function of the sending message may easily added into your application software for becoming a telephone dialer.


int RAP15sendmessage2(LPSTR alarmmessptr, LPSTR telephoneptr,LPSTR portptr, LPSTR ippointer,LPSTR replyptr, int mode,  int messagelength);

Returning value: 0 for normal, 1 for socket error

Alarmmessptr: (input parameter) memory pointer for alarm message buffer, i.e. “1234181131010158”


Telephoneptr: (input parameter) memory pointer for telephone number buffer, i.e. “9,5035551212”


Portptr: memory: (input parameter)  pointer for IP port number, i.e. “9999”


Ippointer: (input parameter) memory pointer for server IP address, i.e. “”, “alarmtesting5.dyndns-ip.com”, or “yourcompany.com” for accepting DNS and Dynamic DNS name resolution


Replyptr: (output parameter) memory pointer for reply message, single byte containing hex 1 for MESSSAGE SUCCESS, hex 2 for CALL FAILED, 0 for WORK IN PROGRESS


Mode (input parameter): 0 for hang-up after successful message transmission, 1 for no hang-up after successful message transmission, 2 for hang up telephone (going on-hook), 3 for reading test result.


Messagelength (output parameter) contains a number of byte in the reply message pointer “replyptr”.



Accepts both DC-09 2007 and DC-09 2013 draft specifications

DC-05 digital communication standard (contact-ID)


Ethernet/Internet specifications


TCP server

HTTP server

Unique MAC address for each RAP15

Domain Name Service resolution

ICMP-server (ping)

Dynamic DNS Client Update for dyndns.com, no-ip.com, or dnsomatic.com

DHCP client


Made in U.S.A.


Line Input Jacks: USOC-RJ11-C, standard modular phone jack


Telephone line interface:

High voltage isolation: 1500VRMS between lines and case or Ethernet connector.

Signal isolation: telephone coupling transformer

Off-hook impedance: 50 ohms typical

High on-hook impedance is obtained by off-hook mechanical relay.


AC/DC Adapter(provided with RAP15): 117VAC +/- 5%, or 90-240VAC +/- 5% with optional international AC/DC adapter

AC/DC Adapter or Car Battery Adapter input: 12VDC regulated, 200mA maximum 

Line Status Display: red LED to indicate off-hook status (continuous on) 

Power-On Indicator: green LED display

Weight: 400g (0.8 LBS.)



Accepts both DC-09 2007 and DC-09 2013 draft specifications

DC-05 digital communication standard (contact-ID)


Weight: 400g (0.8 LBS.)

Environmental: Operating temperature: 0 to 30 degree C, Humidity: 85% RH at 35 degree C

Warranty/Service: 6 months limited warranty. No warranty if any factory seal is broken. Service is performed at the factory usually within 5 working days.


Options and Accessories:

International AC/DC power adapter with four different power plugs (US, UK, Europe and Australia)




Digital Communication Standard-SIA DC-05-1999.09, Ademco Contact ID Protocol for Alarm System Communications


SIA DC09 2007

SIA DC09 2013 draft proposal

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