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Micro Seven Model CS10vdsl2, Telephone Cable Simulator, provides simulation of a twisted copper pair of cable where a single twisted copper pair cable is used for both analog telephone and VDSL2 modems. The CS10 simulates cable resistance, capacitance, and inductance for 0-4km of telephone cable for 1km increment. The CS10 front panel contains four RJ11 connectors including digital input (ATU-C, ADSL transceiver unit, central office end), digital output (ATU-R, ADSL transceiver unit, remote terminal end), analog input (PSTN), and analog output (POTS). Programming of cable distance is accomplished by RS232C interface. Programmed parameters are stored in non-volatile memory inside CS10. Programmed cable parameters do not change even after power to CS10 is turned off because of use of latched relay. After CS10 programming is completed, CS10 may be carried in a case for field testing of telephone lines and/or telecommunication equipment.  Connecting real telephone lines to CS10 for telephone cable simulation must be conducted with power cable and RS232C interface cable removed to avoid possible high voltage surge from telephone line onto equipment and operators.


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 It simulates cable resistance, inductance, and capacitance for 0-4 km for 1 km increment for 26 AWG single twisted copper pair. Reference: ANSI T1.413-1995, Network and Customer Installation Interfaces-Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Metallic Interface, ANSI T1.601-1992, ISDN Basic Access Interface for Use on Metallic Loops for Application on the Network Side of the LT (Layer 1 Specification)


Cable characteristics: balanced, symmetrical networks


Danger: Connecting real telephone lines to CS10 for telephone cable simulation must be conducted with power cable and RS232C interface cable removed to avoid possible high voltage surge on equipment and operators.


Maximum DC voltage: 250V across tip and ring

Maximum DC current: 100 mA

Maximum AC voltage: 10dBm into 600 ohms

High voltage isolation between pins in telephone line connector and case or AC/DC power adapter:

 3kV peak when power and RS232C cables are removed.

 200V peak when power and RS232C cables are connected.

All programmed parameters including resistance and capacitance remain unchanged after power is turned off.


Front panel controls:

RJ11 connector #1: Digital Input (ATU-C, ADSL transceiver unit at central office end)

Connector #2: Analog Input (PSTN line input), connection to LS15-C1 output with CO Simulator option. There are 1mh coils at each lead between digital input and analog input.

Connector #3: Digital Output (ATU-R, ADSL transceiver unit at remote terminal end)

Connector #4: Analog Output (POTS) to telephone sets and modems. There are 1mh coils at each lead between digital output and analog output.


Rear panel controls:

1.      DC power input, DC12V, 800 mA

2.      RS232C interface connector, 9-pin D-sub, female

3.      Power indicator



AC/DC Adapter: 117VAC +/- 5%, or 220VAC 100-240VAC with International AC/DC power adapter.


Dimensions: 19 cm (4") W x 4.5 cm (1.75") H x 10 cm (7.5") L


Weight: 750g (1.65 lbs.)


Environmental: Operating temperature with power on: 0 to 35 degree C, Humidity: 85% RH at 35 degree C. Storage temperature: -15 to 50 degree C.


Warranty Service: six months limited warranty. No warranty if any factory seal is broken.

    Service is performed at the factory, usually within 5 working days.



1.International AC/DC power adapter

2. USB/RS232 to create new RS232 interface in your computer from USB interface



Software provided for programming cable length


The Windows compatible software is provided as a standard feature. The screen display when the software is run. It requires RS232 interface in your computer. If you don’t have RS232 interface in your computer, we provide an USB/RS232 adapter, which creates virtual RS232 interface in your computer as an optional accessory. The programmed cable length stays as programmed value even after power is removed from CS10vdsl2.


Remove all connections including power connection and RS232 interface to CS10 when actual PSTN telephone cable is connected to CS10vdsl2 to avoid possible lightning damage to human bodies and equipment.