Micro Seven model LS200-8S


Battery-backed emergency telephone systems/tsunami-emergency communication systems have no connection to regular telephone lines.


Tsunami warning such as “Tsunami is coming!! Please evacuate to higher ground!!” is transmitted to several telephones via Internet.



Operation with AC, external DC 12V input power, or internal Ni-Cad battery-backed power

 -Rechargeable Ni-Cad battery operation for operating under no AC power

 -External DC power input on rear panel for extended battery power operation


8-port back-up telephone lines

-Telephone and/or fax calls among eight lines

-Independent from public telephone or cell-phone company

-Back-up telephone systems or emergency telephone systems


Wi-Fi for receiving emergency communication for Tsunami and other emergency situations from alarm central stations.

- Transmission of digital alarm messages from any telephone set at each line to digital alarm receiver server


Broadcast telephone calls for transmitting pre-recorded audio messages

–From distant internet server or from each line







Dialing: Primary telephone number: A single-digit telephone number, which is equal to a line number, to call other lines.

Dial 911 at any line to report emergency condition transmitting DC09-type Contact-ID digital IP alarm message and ringing central station telephone to Micro Seven ER25 via Internet.


Battery-feed voltage (loop voltage) and loop current: -20 volts and 25 mA


Line connections: Call connection among all eight lines. 


Ring Signal, dial tone and ring back tone 


Wi-Fi interface 

RS232 interface for programming Wi-Fi connection 


Line Input Jacks: USOC-RJ11-C, standard modular phone jacks


Power Switch: on rear panel 


External DC power input: 12Volt 800mA

 Connector: banana jacks on rear panel


Power Requirements:

100-130 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 36 watts maximum.



0.3A, 3AG, SLO-BLO.



19.0 in (48.3 cm) Wide x 3.3 in (8.38 cm) High x 12.0 in (30.5 cm) Long.


Line Status Display: red LED for each line to indicate off-hook status (continuous on)

or ringing status (blinking)


Calibration: not required


Power On Indicator: green LED display on front panel.


Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg).


19-inch Rack mount


Environmental: Operating temperature: -10 to 45 degree C, Humidity: 95% RH at 45 degree C


Warranty/Service: 12 months limited warranty.


Available options for LS2008S


1.      230V AC power input option 


Made in U.S.A.


MICRO SEVEN, INC® 1095-K N.E. 25th Ave., Hillsboro, OR, 97124 U.S.A.



price list

phone: 503-693-6982, fax: 503-693-9742