­­­­­Micro Seven Inc.® model IP105, IP Alarm Monitor
 reads Contact-ID alarm message that is transmitted by an alarm panel and send IP messages
 over Ethernet/Internet to IP receiver.
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IP105 is shown above picture.



-Provide Internet reporting by adding IP105 at remote alarm panel or at central station
-DC09 type IP message transmitted
-programmable IP message

-Compatible with Ademco Contact-ID-compatible alarm panel

-History file created in IP105
-Custom option for LCD display as in IP107 is available.




The above picture shows IP105 at alarm panel.                                                



Micro Seven, Inc. model IP105, IP Alarm Monitor provides Internet/Ethernet interface, RS232 interface and RJ11-C telephone connector for monitoring Contact-ID alarm messages that are transmitted at alarm panel or alarm messages received at alarm receivers. Upon detecting Contact-ID messages, IP105 converts Contact-ID to ANSI/SIA DC-09 formatted digital alarm messages (IP messages) for transmitting IP server(s) like model ER15A. IP105 stores Contact-ID alarm messages in EEROM as history data including real time data (time stamp). Server’s IP address, port number, and IP105-ID number are programmable by IPPROG2.exe for pc. History data is read by browser software. Internet/Ethernet connection is required to transmit IP messages to IP server like ER15A; however, history data in EEROM is always created with or without Internet/Ethernet connection. Note that time stamp data in the history file is incorrect without Internet/Ethernet.

Operating modes:

One of the following operating modes is selected by using provided control software.

Mode 1: IP105-R placed at alarm panel
Mode 2: IP105-C placed at central station

Power input:


Power input, 2.1mm jack with center positive

Power requirement: 12VDC @200mA by provided AC/DC power adapter




Ethernet connector

RJ11-C, telephone connector

Power indicator


History file created by IP105

Maximum sixty alarm messages with time stamps are saved in EEROM inside IP105. History files may be uploaded to a PC file by Internet/Ethernet software. Sample history files are shown below with Contact-ID alarm message with time stamp data that includes hour, minutes, seconds, month, day, and year.  

Time Stamp data


IP105 is connected to SNTP server to obtain the UTC(GMT), UK time.




ANSI/SIA DC-09, IP message standard

DC-05 digital communication standard (contact-ID)



International AC/DC power adapter for 90-240VAC, 50/60Hz input power with four different power plugs (US, Europe, UK and Australia)

Custom option for LCD display as in IP107 is available.


Made in U.S.A.


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