Alarm Test System, Ademco Contact-ID Alarm Receivers, Alarm Monitors, Alarm Panel Testers, SIA-format type Alarm Receivers Dialers and Ethernet/Internet dialer. Wi-fi instead of Ethernet interface is available for some models.


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ATS1000, New Alarm Test System for monitoring incoming alarm signals, transmitting alarm signals at remote alarm panels,
and testing both central station telephone line, testing remote telephone lines and testing alarm receivers


Contact-ID alarm receivers with or without Random Noise Option for testing alarm panels with signal impaired handshake and kiss-off tones with random noise: (some alarm receivers can also deliver received messages to other alarm receivers as a dialer.)
Note: FXO interface is regular telephone line input. FXS interface provides simulated CO line.
CT10 (FXO interface), CM10 (FXS interface), CT200 (2 ports, FXO or FXS interface),
CT400 (4 ports, FXO interface), CT800 (8 ports, FXO interface),
LS15E+ (FXO and FXS), LS15E+_DIALER for retransmission of received alarm messages, LS15E+/4+2 contains both Contact-ID and 4x2 Pulse protocols, LS15E+/TRIPLE contains Contact-ID, 4x2 Pulse, and SIA-FORMAT protocols.

LS15-E (FXS interface with Listen-in feature to telephone set and also include two telephone line simulators
LS15-E1(Alarm Receiver/Alarm Panel Analyzer for testing alarm panels under worse telephone line conditions with signal insertion loss and random noise)
DC09tester in software for providing both DC09 transmitter and receiver in Contact-ID protocol for starting DC09 project or verifying compatibility


Alarm panel for Ethernet/Internet and/or telephone line:

IP104, with two loop detections as a new alarm panel transmitting IP/DC-09 type messages with conventional telephone dialing function and email/text message transmission to your smart-phone or PC

Alarm monitor:

IP105, for surveillance and recording alarm signals, eave-dropping Contact-ID alarm message traffic on telephone line and send IP messages over Ethernet/Internet at either at alarm panel or at alarm receiver. It contains history file in EEROM.


We have standard and proprietary IP alarm monitor system with custom EM15 and ER15 and standard Contact-ID alarm panels.
EM15(Ethernet/Internet dialer with FXS interface from your alarm panel, desk-top unit, and telephone line replacement in TCP and UDP protocol. Sending email is included.)

LS15ETH, IP Alarm Message Transmitter-Ethernet, simulated CO interface (FXS) and telephone line interface (FXO)
AP30, RS232/IP TRANSCEIVER, for transmitting and receiving DC-09 type messages and also email/text message transmitter into Ethernet/Internet with RS232 interface
ER15A (both TCP and UDP for receiving DC-09 alarm messages with or without encryption from multiple sockets)

ER20, stand-alone DC09 packet receiver with alphanumeric LCD display for both TCP and UDP
ER200 contains eight-port IP receiver. It is equivalent of 4 each ER15 in desk-top model. (hardware IP alarm receiver that are compatible to commercially available standard automation software for receiving DC-09 TCP alarm messages and converting them to regular alarm messages.)

RAP15 (Ethernet/Internet telephone dialer receiving custom TCP commands as TCP-server) RAP15-1 (Ethernet/Internet) for stand-alone central station testing RAP15-2 (Ethernet/Internet telephone dialer for receiving DC09 type commands, custom TCP commands as TCP-server, and HTTP1.1 command. RAP15-3 for receiving http commands for sending DC09 messages to DC09 IP receiver or sending Contact-ID message over telephone line to DC05 central station.


Stand-alone Contact-ID alarm receivers with built-in display:
IP107, LCD display and audio monitor for Contact-ID, Pulse 4+2 and SIA-FORMAT (NEW)

LS100-2E or LS110-2E


Special Cntact-ID alarm receivers and Pulse 4X2 for some models with LISTEN-IN support:
LS15-E (FXS interface with Listen-in feature to telephone set and also include two telephone line simulators or LS15-EA-LISTEN-IN that receives alarm signal at FXO with 2-way audio features.)

CT200A-LISTEN-IN for 2 port simultaneous listen, or CT400A-LISTEN-IN for 4 port simultaneous listen)


SIA-Format alarm receivers:

Contact-ID, SIA-Format, and pulse 4X2 PC dialer and Alarm Panel Simulator:
AP70, RS232
MicroAP1 for PCB assembly providing most of AP70 features

Wireless alarm system(new):
BT15, wireless telephone dialer, Contact-ID receiving signals from BT10

BT10, wireless alarm signal transmitter to BT15 for new or existing Contact-ID alarm panel

BT16, RS232 to BT wireless interface for BT15, built-in high level BT wireless commands

Contact-ID dialer from PC or Alarm Panel Simulator:
AP15-2, telephone dialer from PC, AP5, telephone dialer by PC and start signal on screw terminal, and AP45 telephone and IP dialer by PC and start signal on screw terminal.


SIA-Format dialer from PC or Alarm Panel Simulator:


AP30, RS232/IP TRANSCEIVER, for transmitting and receiving DC-09 type messages and also email/text message transmitter into Ethenet/Internet with RS232 interface

MINI-PBX SIMULATOR and alarm receivers (contact-ID and pulse-format 4+2)

LS100-4X and LS200-8X

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