­­­Micro Seven Inc.® IP Alarm Panel model ZERO2 transmits emails and text-messages. Zero alarm companies and Zero telephone lines are required using Internet for sending emails and text messages. Alarm inputs include both loop inputs and microphone input. May be able to monitoring ZERO2 status via Internet

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The ZERO2 is shown in the above picture with Ethernet connector, power connector, loop inputs on screw terminals, microphone, arming/disarming switches, loop status and audio speaker.




-Email and text messages transmission to multiple email addresses for alarm reporting

-Regular loop inputs or audio detection via microphone

-No alarm companies are required.

-No telephone lines are required.

-Using Internet connection








and Text messages


The above diagram shows an interruption of either loop input 1 or loop input 2 is reported as emails and/or text messages to your smart-phone.


Micro Seven, Inc. model ZERO2 contains Ethernet to send emails and text messages. Sound detection may trigger the alarm circuit and reported to your email boxes or text message box.


Power (green LED)
Arm1(Contact 1/Loop1), red LED
Arm2(Contact 2/Loop2), red LED
Contact 1/Loop1 status red LED
Contact 2/Loop2 or sound trigger red LED


Switch 1-Arm/Disarm for Contact 1/Loop
Switch 2-Arm/Disarm for Contact 2/Loop2

Power connector and power supply provided:
2.1mm jack for AC/DC power adapter for 117VAC

Ethernet connector:
No Ethernet cable is provided as an accessory.

Contact1 and Contact2 and battery connection terminal:
On Screw terminals

Email transmission:


Emails with the following sample texts are sent to multiple email addresses directly from ZERO2 without any PC involvement.


Hello, Your Alarm System has Alarms

Pacific DST :08:22:46,09-06-2013
Message Sequence Number: 12376
Alarm Message: 1234181100123454
Account Number: 1234
MAC address: 0004A32ED6B1
Event Code: 100 Medical Alarm 
Zone: 345
Partition Number: 12
Event Qualifier: New Event or Opening

This is an automated E-mail, Do not reply.


Text message transmission to I-Phone:




History files

History file in non-volatile memory of ZERO2 with all transmitted messages with time stamp is obtained by locally or from remote location.

Its format is (contact-ID message) plus (time of day in UTC/GMT).


Weight: 1 lbs


Size: 5”x6”x2.5”


Built-in microphone and speaker: Microphone is used as a sound

History file created by ZERO2

Maximum sixty alarm messages with time stamps are saved in EEROM inside ZERO2. History files may be uploaded to a PC file. Sample history files are shown below with Contact-ID alarm message with time stamp data that includes hour, minutes, seconds, month, day, and year.



Time Stamp data in history file


ZERO2 is connected to SNTP server to obtain the UTC(GMT), UK time. If there is no Internet available for real-time stamp data, estimated time stamp is available.


Note: Alarm message formats are in popular Contact-ID.


Made in U.S.A.


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