Temperature/sound monitor, or pet monitor pM10, announces alarm conditions and temperature data in human voices after transmitting Contact ID digital alarm signal.

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Micro Seven, Inc. model PM10 monitors temperature and sound at your home or business for people and pets. It makes temperature measurement by using a provided temperature probe. When the measured temperature exceeds a maximum temperature threshold or goes below a minimum temperature threshold, it sounds alarm siren, or it dials a pre-programmed telephone number for reporting a high or low temperature in human voices and transmitting digital alarm signal, Security Industry Association’s Digital Communication Standard-Ademco ® Contact ID format, which is compatible with popular alarm receivers including our model LS15E+. It also detects abnormal sound at a built-in microphone, and it sounds alarm siren, or it reports excessive sound in human voice via telephone line after dialing the telephone number, or it transmits digital alarm signal. With battery option, it reports AC power loss after dialing the telephone number, or it transmits digital alarm signal. It also continuously generates public announcement or conversation while doing temperature and sound monitoring voice message. PM10 may be called remotely via telephone by you to obtain temperature or to listen-in or to talk via a built-in speaker.

PM10 functions and parameters are programmable using PC interface and controls software that are provided. Also voice segments for temperature reading and voice announcement are programmable.



PM10 is shown above without a temperature connector.



- Digital temperature monitoring for high and/or low temperature

- Celsius or Fahrenheit degree for temperature reading

- Excessive sound monitoring with a built-in microphone

- Emergency telephone dialer for reporting alarm conditions in human voices

- Programmable voice segments

- Built-in alarm panel function for transmitting Ademco ® Contact ID digital alarm signal

- Continuous public announcement or continuous conversation through a built-in audio speaker

- Reporting AC loss with battery option




Temperature measurement:

When temperature exceeds high temperature setting or goes below low temperature setting, PM10 sounds alarm and dials one of two telephone numbers, and it reports high or low temperature alarm and provides temperature measurement in human voices.

Temperature measurement unit: Celsius or Fahrenheit

Temperature measurement range: -50 to 150 degree C or –58 to 302 degree F

Accuracy: +/- 2 degree C for range of 0-100 degree C, +/- 5 degree C above 100 or below 0 degree C.

Temperature probe needs to be calibrated for every three months by following provided procedure. Calibration of temperature probe does not require any special equipment or materials. It only requires a half cup of ice cubes for calibrating 0 degree C and boiling water for calibrating at 100 degree C.

Temperature probe: semiconductor material

Temperature reading: US/English or international vocabulary

Alarm(s) for high temperature and/or low temperature may be set using control software.


Excessive sound monitoring:

When loud sound is detected through a built-in microphone, PM10 sounds alarm and dials an emergency telephone number, and it reports excessive sound alarm in human voice after the digital alarm signal is transmitted. The detecting sound threshold level is programmable.


Reporting AC loss with battery option:

When there is AC power loss with battery option, PM10 sounds alarm and dials an emergency telephone number, and it reports AC power loss in human voice after the digital alarm signal is transmitted.


Emergency telephone dialer:

Two emergency telephone numbers are programmable. In emergency condition, the first telephone number is dialed. If called telephone number is busy or alarm is not reset, PM10 dials the second telephone number. It continuously repeats twice before the alarm is reset by PM10 by itself.


Ademco ® Contact ID digital alarm signal (Digial Communication Standard- SIA DC-05-1999.09):

After PM10 dials one of two telephone numbers, it transmits digital alarm signal to an alarm receiver. Then voice circuit is enabled. Receiving digital alarm signal does not require PIN at any alarm receivers.


Audio speaker and microphone:

PM10 contains a built-in speaker to generate voiced temperature measurement or public announcement. The built-in microphone monitors excessive sound, and it is also used for listen-in sound via telephone.

Speaker: 8-ohm, 3 watts maximum power output

Excessive sound detection may be enabled/disabled by programming.

Programmable conditions:

1.      Enable/disable excessive sound detection

2.      Sound detection threshold

3.      Enable/disable continuous 14-second PA announcement voice conversation and its repetition ratio

4.      Select PIN and activate entering PIN for audio communication via PM10 and an operator.


Programmable voice segment:

Each voice segments for temperature reading and voiced alarm reports may be changed to your own voices. Voice data may be upload/downloaded to/from PC.


Front-panel controls:

Power indicator/sound-level indicator

Temperature probe connector

Built-in microphone


Switch 1, arming/disarm alarms

Power switch


Rear panel controls:

12VDC input connector (from 117V AC/DC adapter)

Line Input Jacks: USOC-RJ11-C, standard modular phone jacks for telephone interface

D-sub9 (RS232)


Computer requirement and interface: Windows XP system with RS232 interface. For USB interface, a RS232/USB adapter is required. Serial interface cable (RS232) Interface cable is included as a standard accessory.


Control software:

Record and play PA announcement and voice segments

Sound trigger sensitivity for reporting excessive sound

Hi and low temperature threshold

Emergency telephone numbers

PA broadcast timing

PIN activation

Voice segment programming

Download/upload voice data

Arm/disarming excessive sound alarm and hi-low temperature monitoring

Pm10 control software detail


AC/DC Adapter: 117VAC +/- 5%, or 90-250VAC +/- 5%(for International power adapter option)

Power input: 12VDC unregulated, 800mA maximum 

Dimensions: 19 cm (4") W x 4.5 cm (1.75") H x 10 cm (7.5") L

Weight: 500g (1.1 lbs.)

Environmental: Operating temperature: 0 to 35 degree C, Humidity: 85% RH at 35 degree C

Warranty/Service: one year limited warranty. No warranty if any factory seal is broken. Service is performed at the factory, usually within 5 working days.


Ordering information:

PM10-1: sound monitor only and no temperature measurement

PM10: sound monitor and temperature measurement


Options for PM10:

1.      International AC/DC power adapter for 90-250VACRMS and 50/60Hz power input with four different power plugs (US, UK, Europe, and Australia

2.      USB/RS232 adapter for creating RS232 interface from USB interface

3.      Battery option for protecting from AC-loss



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price list





1. As a pet monitor


Conditions of your dog at home are monitored for excessive noise or high or low room temperatures. Also your voice is continuously played with an interval to comfort your pet at home. An example is as follows: ” Hi Cody, You are a good dog, and I will be home soon”. After hearing your voice, your dog thinks that you were at home. From your work, you can call your home telephone to check your dog’s condition. PM10 operation is compatible with your existing telephone answering machine because PM10 is turned on after answering machine completes its operation. After hearing a tone prompt signal or voiced prompt signal, you enter 4-digit PIN. Then microphone inside PM10 is turned on to listen any sound around PM10. Enter a code to connect your voice to a speaker, and you might say, “Hi Cody, I love you, and you are a good dog”. Enter another code to hear your dog. You can do back and forth, and you can practically do conversation with your dog.

You can set maximum (high) temperature at 80 degree F, and minimum (low) temperature at 50 degree F for PM10 temperature monitor. When temperature probe detects higher temperature than the maximum temperature or lower than the minimum (low) temperature, PM10 dials your cell-phone or work phone to report abnormal temperature condition at home. When you receive the call from PM10, you hear “High temperature, 81 degree Fahrenheit” for high temperature alarm, “Low temperature, 48 degree Fahrenheit”, or “Excessive sound alarm”. Here, digital alarm signal transmission under alarm condition may be disabled for calling you.


2. PM10 for surveillance your home with or without calling alarm receiver


3. PA system for announcing room or chamber temperature


4. Temperature monitoring system reporting abnormal temperature to alarm receivers