­­­­­­­­­MICRO SEVEN® model AP30, RS232/IP TRANSCEIVER, for transmitting and receiving TCP-DC-09 type messages and also email/text message transmitter into Ethernet/Internet with RS232 interface
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-RS232 and Ethenet/Internet interface

-Receive Contact-ID message at RS232 interface and transmit composed DC-09 type IP message via TCP socket into Ethernet/Internet

-Using provided software by Micro Seven for programming of IP parameters including IP address, port numbers, and optional message parameters

-Receive DC-09 type IP message via TCP socket from Ethernet/Internet and transmit to RS232 interface

-Also transmission of email/text messages after transmission of IP messages to server
-Programmable IPaddress/Servername, port number and Contact-ID messages allows continuous testing of numerous digital alarm IP servers






Model AP30 is shown with RS232 and Ethernet/Internet interface


RS232 interface


AP30 inputs sixteen characters for Contact-ID message and carriage return from RS232 interface, compiles for DC-09 type IP messages and transmits it to IP address or IP name on the Internet. The transmission time takes only few seconds.


Input commands:


Note: Default IP address, IP port number are programmable into EEROM by using the programming software.


IP address input command: D(IP address or server name)<CR> where CR is hex 0d ASCII character.

i.e. D192.168.245.6<CR>

i.e. Dsomereceiver@somecompany.com<CR>


IP port number input command: P(port number)<CR> where CR is hex 0d ASCII character.

i.e. P9990<CR>


Contact-ID alarm message input command: S(contact-ID alarm message)<CR>

i.e. S1234181100123456<CR>


Single character “G” starts IP message transmission.


Status messages output:


“MESSAGE SUCCESS FOR MESSAGE SEQUENCE NUMBER: 12432” is output to PC via RS232 interface when IP message is successfully transmitted to server. The sequence number is incremented after each IP transmission

“CALL FAILED” is output to PC if there is CRC error or no IP server.

“New IP Address:” is output to PC via RS232 interface on power up.

“Email Complete” is output to PC via RS232 interface when an email was sent.


Email/text message transmission:


Email/text message includes year/month/day/hour(in 24hr)/minute/second in local time, message sequence number, account number of Contact-ID message, unique MAC address of EM15, decoded event code, zone, partition number and event qualifier. Programming of local time using software allows displaying of any time zone in the world. The following example shows American Pacific Daylight Saving Time at 8(hr):22(minute):46(second) on September 6, 2013. Programming of email parameters using our provided software includes “to address”, “from address”, your SMTP server name, user name, password, and subject field. Please use your non-SSL SMTP server. Each email may be repeated twice. Email transmission needs to be disabled when transmission to second server is enabled.


Here is a sample email shown below:


Hello, Your Alarm System has Alarms

Alarm Time in Pacific DST :08:22:46,09-06-2013
Message Sequence Number: 12376
Alarm Message: 1234181100123454
Account Number: 1234
MAC address: 0004A32ED6B1
Event Code: 100 Medical Alarm 
Zone: 345
Partition Number: 12
Event Qualifier: New Event or Opening

This is an automated E-mail, Do not reply.




Programming software for IP parameters

The screen shot of programming software for IP product is shown below. Programming of alarm sequence number, receiver number, account prefix, programming data, server IP addresses, IP port numbers, selections of adding MAC address and time stamp, Programming data field, email, multi-line port(not shown) and other features is available. Transmission to Server IP address 2 is not available. Some of programming may not be available.






Power input, 2.1mm jack with center positive

Power requirement: 12VDC @200mA by provided AC/DC power adapter

RS232 connector

Ethernet connector


IP server:


Transmission of IP messages to one TCP server is supported at one time. Since IP address, port number and Contact-ID message are programmable, there is no limit of number of servers to be supported enabled.


DYNDNS updating


AP30 with unique name such as “anytown-dyndns-ip.com” using a dynamic DNS service instead of numeric IP address can receive IP messages from Internet. Dynamic DNS updating software is included in AP30. Dynamic DNS parameters are programmable using our software.


Ethernet/Internet interface:


Unique MAC address

Internet features include: DHCP-client, TCP-client, TCP-server, DNS, DYNDNS-update, SNTP-client for time stamp, and ICMP-server

IP address and name resolution supported: DNS, DYNDNS, dynamic and static address


Packets transmitting and receiving:


(CRC codes) “ADM-CID”) (event sequence number)(receiver number)(account pref.)(account number)(alarm events, zone, partition)(MAC address)(time stamp)<CR>





DC-05 digital communication standard (contact-ID)



International AC/DC power adapter

USB/RS232 adapter

UDP socket communication instead of TCP socket communication is available for transmission and reception of packets over Ethernet/Internet.



As shown in the screen shot shown below, email parameters and Dynamic DNS updating parameters are also programmable using our software.  Please note that other control sections in the screen shot for the alarm monitor, alarm message programming, telephone number programming, loop-sensor programming and other alarm panel parameters are for not for AP30.



Mechanical data:


AP30 may be operated on a desk-top or on a wall.

Weight: 1 lbs.

Size: 5”x6”x2.5”


Accessories included:


AC/DC power adapter for U.S. 117VAC input

CD for software and manual

RS232 cable (9M-9F)


Demo software:


The demo software for sending DC-09 equivalent alarm message is shown below:

The compiled DC-09 type message of Contact-ID message of “567818160612345” was sent to IP address of via IP port number of 9990 as shown in the figure.





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