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SP10  RS232/Voice generator SP10 provides voiced measurement data for test and medical instruments. SP10 generates voice segments of numerical data, legends, and short speech at a built-in speaker by ASCII commands from PC or other controllers in test and measurement and medical instruments. Voice and speech segments, which are previously recorded through a built-in microphone, may be numeric data, words, or short speech.  SP10 provides voiced data output at a built-in speaker or audio connector for external amplifier/speaker. Examples are “Blood pressure is 120 over 70”, “Temperature is 36.5 degree C”, “ 1.000VRMS”, etc. A medical power supply is available as an option. You can record your voice. You can record your customized voice data in your own voice. Low cost and quantity discount available. Telephone line interface is available to dial a telephone number and deliver voiced data.


PM10, It monitors temperature and sound at your home or business. It makes temperature measurement by using a provided temperature probe. When the measured temperature exceeds a maximum temperature threshold or goes below a minimum temperature threshold, it sounds alarm siren, or it dials a pre-programmed telephone number for reporting a high or low temperature in human voices and transmitting digital alarm signal, Security Industry Association’s Digital Communication Standard-Ademco ® Contact ID format, which is compatible with popular alarm receivers including our model LS15E+. It also detects abnormal sound at a built-in microphone, and it sounds alarm siren, or it reports excessive sound in human voice via telephone line after dialing the telephone number, or it transmits digital alarm signal. It also continuously generates public announcement or conversation while doing temperature and sound monitoring voice message. PM10 may be called remotely via telephone by you to obtain temperature or to listen-in or to talk via a built-in speaker.



VM10 (International Talking Multimeter/voltmeter)

,浅谈数字万用表/电压表 (Chinese),デジタルマルチメータ/電圧計 (Japanese), parlando multimetro digitale / voltmetro (Italian), praten digitale multimeter / voltmeter (Holland), Μιλώντας Ψηφιακό πολύμετρο / βολτόμετρο (Greek), Razgovarajte višenamjenski / voltmetar (Croatia), Övriga Digital Multimeter / Voltmeter (Sweden), Hablar multímetro digital / voltímetro (Spanish), Talking Digitální multimetr / voltmetr (Checo), Parler multimètre numérique / voltmètre (French), Да говорим за Digital Multimeter / волтметър (Bulgaria), Rozmowa Digital Multimetr / Voltmeter (Poland), Falando multímetro Digital / voltímetro (Portugal), Talking Multimetru digital / voltmeter (Romania), Говоря Digital Multimeter / вольтметром (Russian), 말하는 디지털 멀티미터 / 전압 (Korean), (Arabic) الحديث المتعددة الرقميه / الفولتميتر

It provides voiced measurement data output in your own voice in any language with voiced data recorded. So VM10 may be able to announce measurement data in English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese or any other language in the world only if you can record your own voice using our control software. The measurement includes DC Volt, AC Volt, resistance, and temperature.

Each voice segment for numerical and legend voice element is programmable via a built-in microphone or external microphone input by using control software, and the recorded voice may be saved at a file in a computer or downloaded into VM10.



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